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Vermont Homestead Declaration Reminder

Please see the link below for more information about filing your homestead declaration

Homestead Declaration

HS-122 Form

Town Owned Properties for Sale



00 Pleasant, West Rutland, VT – $22,000

Mountain views and over 100′ of road frontage with public sewer & water available. Local ski areas and lakes a short drive away, shopping just minuets from lot location. Property is in town but presents a rural setting. Drive by, imagine your dream home with windows designed to appreciate the mountain view and sunsets.



85 Ross Street, West Rutland, VT – $49,000

4+ bedroom home offering rehab potential. A short walk to the commercial hub of town, this property offers large, open rooms and a two car garage on a level town lot.  Double living room, eat-in kitchen, full bath on main floor and generous size bedrooms on second level. Laundry area off back entry. It’s not hard to imagine what a lovely home this once was. Property to be sold “as is”.




Leona Minard 
(802) 353-2237
85 North Main St
Rutland, VT

Phone: 802.774.7007

Town Clerk Office Limited Hours

The Town Clerk’s office will be closed until 1/8/18.  You may leave messages with the Treasurer’s Office, 438-2204 ext 12 or

Clerk Hours for week of January 8th -January 11th 9 am – 1 pm.

Frozen Water Lines Policy

Frozen Water Lines Policy


  1. Each person served by the water system shall take reasonable precautions to prevent his or her water service from freezing.
  2. If the service pipe freezes, the property owner may call the Water Department to thaw the pipe.
    • During regular business hours: If it is determined that the blockage is in the portion of the water piping that is the responsibility of the property owner, the property owner will be billed a flat fee of$75.00. If it is discovered that the blockage is in the portion of the pipe that is the responsibility of the Town, this charge will be waived.
    • Outside of regular business hours: If a property owner requests that the Water Dept. thaw a frozen water pipe after normal business hours, the property owner will be billed for this service at the Water Dept. billing rates, including any appropriate overtime labor rates. If it is discovered that the blockage is in the portion of the pipe that is the responsibility of the Town, this charge shall be waived.
  3. Thawing will be done on a first call-first served basis. However, the order of thawing may be changed when, in the judgment of the superintendent, there is reason to do so.
  4.  While the Water Dept. will attempt to accommodate requests as described in this section, there are circumstances under which this service may not be provided, including but not limited to situations where:
    1. There is no functioning shut off valve within the building.
    2. Modifications to the existing piping system are required before the Water Dept.’s thawing device can be used.
    3. The existing piping is in such a condition or of such material that, in the judgment of the Superintendent, connecting and using the thawing equipment could result in damage to that piping.
    4. Conditions in the area to be used for the thawing are such that, in the judgment of the Superintendent, they pose a safety or health hazard to the employee.
  5. The Water Dept. will make reasonable efforts to accommodate all requests for thawing in a timely fashion. However, the timing of the work is subject to other thawing work previously requested and water system emergencies. The Town of West Rutland shall not be held responsible for damages suffered due to delays in thawing the water pipe. Property owners may, at their own expense, contract with other individuals to thaw their frozen water services.
  6.  If the Superintendent determines that the Water Dept. cannot respond to a property owner’s request for thawing in a reasonable amount of time, or determines that available Water Dept. equipment is not suitable for a specific thawing operation, the Superintendent may authorize the property owner to contract with another party to thaw the pipe. Thawing using electric current is discourage. The Town of West Rutland will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the pipe thawing attempts of the selected contractor or others. The property owner shall give notice to the Water Dept. to allow the Water Dept. the opportunity to have a Town representative on site when a contractor thaws a water pipe.
    • If the pipe is thawed in such a manner as the location of the blockage can be determined, the representative and contractor shall agree upon the location. Costs of thawing shall be allocated as follows
      • If it is determined that the blockage is in the portion of the water piping that is the responsibility of the Town, the Town will reimburse the property owner for reasonable costs of thawing.
      • If it is determined that the blockage is in the portion of the water piping that is the responsibility of the property owner, the property owner will be responsible for the thawing costs.
    • If the location of the blockage cannot be determined, the Town will reimburse the property owner for 50% of reasonable thawing costs.
    • If the Water Dept. is not notified prior to the thawing operation, the property owner will be responsible for the thawing costs.
  7. Waiver of charges, cost and reimbursements by the Town as described in this section shall be limited to one per winter and shall not apply to those persons who have been advised to take precautions and run their water to prevent freezing. (see Protection from Freezing)

Protection from Freezing

  1. When, in the opinion of the Superintendent, extended cold weather increases the risk of water main or service line freezing, he or she may authorize or request certain water users to let water run in order to minimize such risk. The Water Dept. shall keep a list of such users. When so authorized, the water and sewer bill for that usage period will be adjusted to reflect the amount of water estimated to have been used for the purpose of freeze-up prevention.
  2.  Water users who have experienced service line freezing may apply to the Superintendent for authorization to let the water run as noted above.
  3.  No adjustment of billing will be made for water left running to prevent freezing of any pipes other than the water service line. (e.g. interior plumbing).

Town Office Holiday Hours

The town Treasurer’s office will be open on Friday, December 22nd.  All town offices will be closed on Monday, December 25th and Tuesday, December 26th in observation of the Christmas holiday.

Offices will be closed on Monday, January 1st, 2018  in observation of the New Year.

Winter Parking Ban and Reminders


To aid in snow removal, beginning December 1st. until March 31st it is illegal to park on the street between 2:00 AM and 7:00 AM. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Placing stakes or reflectors on your lawn along the edge of the road pavement are not permitted. The snowplow drivers need the room to remove the snow. Nothing can be placed in the right of way without Town Permission.  It is also illegal to plow snow across the road.  Please be sure to keep the sidewalks cleared after they are plowed.


If you have a hydrant on or near your property, we would appreciate any assistance with snow removal.

Friendship Tree Lighting

Annual Community Friendship Tree Lighting

Every year on the first Saturday of December the West Rutland community gathers at the town hall for the Christmas Tree Lightning.  The lights on the tree are provided by donations made in memory or in honor of loved ones.  The loved ones are remembered in a tree lighting publication available to those in attendance.  This special occasion is also marked by a timely visit from Santa who is usually accompanied by his lovely wife and some helpful elves.  In the spirit of friendship, community members are asked to bring cookies to share and enjoy.  This year’s Christmas Tree lighting will take place on Saturday, December 2nd at 6:30 pm.  Please join us for this special community gathering.

If you would like to make a donation to remember or honor your loved one please fill out the Friendship Tree donation form and return it to: Friendship Tree, P.O. Box 591, West Rutland, VT 05777 or drop it off at the Town Clerk’s Office in the Town Hall.

Community Friendship Tree Donation Form

Request for Proposal for 2019 Town-Wide Reappraisal

Request for Proposals for 2019 Town-Wide Reappraisal (revised)

Board Vacancy-Planning Commission

The Town is seeking applicants for an appointment to the Planning Commission.  Members make policy decisions on maintaining the current Town Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  Interested individuals should contact the Town Office at 438-2263 for more information.

Rutland & West Rutland Route 4 Business and Route 4A Studies

Rutland, West Rutland & Rutland Regional Planning Commission Smart Growth Connection Plan

Rutland-West Rutland Marbleway Path Scoping Study Report