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Red Cross Blood Drive, October 26, 2018 1pm-6pm

Blood Drive Information

Oct 10 is “Imagine a Day Without Water Day”

Imagine a day without water!

Can you imagine a day without water? We are very fortunate to be able to open a faucet and be assured that the water coming out of the tap is safe to drink. The 10th of October is “Imagine a day without water Day”.

Please think about your water supply and every time you use the water on the 10th, try to imagine that no water would come out or the water that was available was not safe to use.

Now remind yourself that you pay for that water to be safe and reliable. Your water rates ensure that the system is being well maintained and the operators are properly trained so that when you wake up and fill the coffee pot or run the water for a shower, you can be assured that the water will run and the coffee will start you off on a great day!

Please remember to thank your local water system specialists!

Thank You!

Utility Bills Due October 15

Reminder – Utility Bills are due October 15, 2018. The Treasurer’s Office is open 8 am – 4 pm. For your convenience check payments may be dropped off after hours in our drop off box located near the handicap entrance of the Town Hall. Online credit card/debit card payments can be made at the link below. There is a 2.65% fee for using your credit/debit card (charged by the credit card company).





Water Tips for the upcoming cold weather…

Water Leaks, sump pumps and winter running faucets….

Please help us save money and water this winter. If you have had a frozen water pipe in the past, please make sure to run one faucet during the coldest days. The water only needs to be running a stream about the size of a pencil. If your basement is warm then you will only have to run the water after the ground freezes down to the water line. Only run the water when needed.

If you have a dripping or running fixture in your home, please get it repaired. If you live near a house that is vacant, please check on it to make sure that there is no water running in it. If there is an outside hose connection, you can put your ear to it and if there is a leak you will be able to hear it. If you notice an area in your neighborhood that is wetter than normal, please call us so we can check on it.

If you have a sump pump that is connected to the sewer, it is an illegal connection and must be disconnected. Please don’t pump the water to the sewer system. The extra water has to be treated and the pumps and the plant will fail if we receive too much ground water.

Thank you for helping us save time and money!