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Oct 10 is “Imagine a Day Without Water Day”

Imagine a day without water!

Can you imagine a day without water? We are very fortunate to be able to open a faucet and be assured that the water coming out of the tap is safe to drink. The 10th of October is “Imagine a day without water Day”.

Please think about your water supply and every time you use the water on the 10th, try to imagine that no water would come out or the water that was available was not safe to use.

Now remind yourself that you pay for that water to be safe and reliable. Your water rates ensure that the system is being well maintained and the operators are properly trained so that when you wake up and fill the coffee pot or run the water for a shower, you can be assured that the water will run and the coffee will start you off on a great day!

Please remember to thank your local water system specialists!

Thank You!