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January 11, 2019

Letters were sent out by our reappraisal contractor, Vision Government Solutions last week.   These letters were a follow up to the cold call first attempts made during 2018 and were sent to all taxpayers for whom Vision was unable to complete an interior inspection of the property.    If you did have a full inspection with the data collectors this summer or fall and have received this letter in error, please disregard it and our apologies for the confusion.   If you did not have an interior inspection and would like to schedule one, please call Vision at 1-888-844-4300 or you may schedule an appointment at the website at

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Reappraisal:

  • Do I need to let the appraisal team complete an interior inspection?

Per Vermont statutes you are not required to allow an interior inspection by the appraisal team or the Listers.   Without an interior inspection, the appraisal team and Listers will make assumptions based on the exterior of the dwelling and will use those assumptions and existing data to arrive at an assessed value for your property.  

If you choose to grieve at the Listers Grievance level, you will be asked to allow an interior inspection of the property if you did not previously have one.   Again, you may refuse this, but the Listers will most likely deny your appeal if this is so.   If you choose to grieve at the next level of Board of Civil Authority, you will be required to permit an interior inspection or the appeal is declared null and you cannot go to the next level of appeal.

The advice of the Listers is to allow an interior inspection so that we can be fair and accurate for assessments for all taxpayers.   One common example of the taxpayer that may benefit from allowing an interior inspection is a case where the owner may have updated the exterior of the dwelling with new siding and/or roofing yet the inside is significantly more dated.   Without seeing the interior of the home, the assumption will be made that the inside is in similar condition to the outside.

  • When will taxpayers be notified of the results of the reappraisal?

This reappraisal project is to take effect for the 2019 Grand List.   The new values will be on your tax bill that will be sent out in July of 2019.   Formal change of assessment notices are due to be set out by June 4, 2019, per state statute.   This notification will show your previous assessed value and new assessed value and will also provide the dates and instructions for filing a grievance appeal if you choose to do so.    The appraisal contractor will also send out a preliminary notice in May of 2019 allowing taxpayers to review the data upon which your final assessment will be based.