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Water & Sewer


There are many ways that the Town of West Rutland works to serve the community. If you need information on or assistance with a particular town function or service, this sections of the website should be helpful to you.

Responsible for maintenance of, and improvements to, the Town’s water and sewer systems.

Phone: 438-5633
Location: 336 Clearwater Blvd.
Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 2:00p.m., Monday through Friday

Ed Savage,
Wastewater and Water Superintendent –

Frank Gorham

Seth Pietryka

Dave Zawistowski

24 Emergency Response to Water/Sewer related problems
– Routine maintenance and trouble shooting
– Line maintenance and hydrant flushing
– Test and report according to state permits and EPA requirements
– Ship sludge
– Meter installation and maintenance
– Equipment maintenance & repair

Utility Billing:

Fiscal Year July 1st – June 30th

1st billing – September to be paid on October 15th (for period 7/1 to 12/31 for fixed rates and March reading to September reading for metered water)

2nd billing – March to be paid on April 15th (for period 1/1 – 6/30 for fixed rates and September reading date to March reading date for metered water)


schedule of fees

sewer use application

wastewater ordinance 2008

Water Ordinance 2005

water connection fees

water application